Learning & Passion

You might wonder what I mean by passion. But in essence, anyone who loves what they do, or does it unknowingly in a semi-structured state, will feel it.

It would be wise of me to say as a teacher that passion within learning comes about only through many hours of dedicated practice and execution. However, learning can come in many forms and time becomes irrelevant when learning involves the human self.

There is a point to this in the whole educational scheme of things. We learn not only for ourselves, but for the betterment of others. In saying this, learning becomes a social event as much as it is an ego-driven rapture. It is also a necessary element of most things which enable us to strive forward in our daily lives.

Therefore, passion is integral to everything and should be included within our natures.As pictured, Steve Gadd, one of my favourite drummers exudes this on a regular basis. When you watch him, it seems fluid, controlled yet highly creative. Most importantly, it connects – both learning and passion come together in the performance.


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