Change. It’s something that we crave and at other times, wish it never occurred. While i think of change as a monumental idea, it can also react to smaller events; things which are often beyond what we see or feel. In fact, we may not even recognise it until it hits us in the face.

From the years I’ve taught all students across all ages and cultures, one thing struck me – we all experience change differently. That is not to say that we adhere to certain rules, suffice to say that often we are bound by ideologies or ways of thinking. But change often comes at a cost which often goes against our normal routines. In fact, change is by definition, the process by which we alter, shift or unravel.

Music lessons are a way for students to explore, discover and be themselves. More often than not, students have a hard time understanding new concepts. The reality for them may be much dimmer than what is figuratively easy. However, the process of change is by no means static and is just as unnerving as it is exciting to what them grow.

Change. It’s a crucial step to the betterment of mankind.



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